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Marine Life Monitoring

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Marine Life Monitoring

Join the Central Coast Aquarium as we take part in biological monitoring studies at various habitats along the central coast. This program's goal is to actively engage students in real-life scientific investigations and the scientific process, while also collecting data that will be used to better understand the marine communities found along our coast.

There are several habitat options for this program including:

  • Sandy Beach - held at the beach & Central Coast Aquarium
  • Rocky Intertidal - held at Shell Beach
  • Open Bay (Floating Lab) - held on a fishing vessel & Central Coast Aquarium

Students participating in these programs will learn the sampling methodologies used by scientists to study the habitat of interest and the species found there. The data collected during each monitoring program will be added to our databases and will be made available to the participating classes, so that they can explore the patterns in catch. Local scientists also use this data for their own research. 

Come and join us for one of our exciting marine life monitoring programs and take science to a whole new level. Call or email Travis Norton for more information.

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