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Floating Lab

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Floating Lab

The Floating Laboratory is a unique marine sampling experience on San Luis Obispo Bay that successfully transforms your students into young marine scientists. The trip starts with an introduction into the rich cultural and natural history of the area. Next, our student scientists set and pull a bottom trawl net to capture the fish and invertebrates that live in the bay. The captured animals are then sorted, identified, and counted by our young scientists and the collected data becomes part of our monitoring dataset. 

To better understand the food web in the bay and the water quality conditions that the animals experience, the student scientists use various oceanographic sampling equipment to collect plankton and measure the water chemistry.  Throughout the trip the students are able to take in the sights and sounds of marine mammals and birds in their natural environment.

The remainder of the program takes place at our aquarium facility, during which, the students will view and discuss the species of plankton caught on the boat with an emphasis on the role they play in the marine food web. The students also dissect squid and learn about the adaptations that make them a successful predator of the sea. 

  • Single Lab (one class): 4 hour program ($1000) - *Up to 30 students, $25 per additional student.
  • Double Lab Discount! $1500 for two same-day classes - $20 per additional student

Floating Labs are available September through May, Tuesday - Thursdays only. Inquire for summer Floating Lab availability.

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